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Our Expierence

Since its founding, Torreón de Paredes has based its agricultural practices on a deep respect for nature and the environment. Along with the natural characteristics that make Chile a “Viticulture Paradise”, the agronomy team at Torreón de Paredes has always paid close attention to maintaining vineyard practices that are considered by experts to be among the most ecologically sound on the planet.

In this effort, Torreón de Paredes counts itself among a small group of Chilean wineries working to develop an agro-industrial system that guarantees cleanliness, purity, sustainability and respect for the environment. Hence the winery has established an Integrated Management Plan, in which the vineyard and winery are subject to a system of “Critical Points Control”. It allows us to systematically monitor all those points of potential risk to the product’s quality or to the winery’s environmental balance. Torreón de Paredes is serious about its responsibility to export wines produced by environmentally sound practices and conditions.

The winery’s constant goal is not only to produce excellent wines, but to also create ecological wines made with great respect for nature and the ecosystem.