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How to get to Torreón de Paredes

cómo llegar a Torreón
  1. Torreón de Paredes is located in Rengo 114 Km South of Santiago.
  2. Take Ruta 5 Sur ( also called Panamerican Highway) to the South (South bound).
  3. Once past the cities of Rancagua, Requinoa and Rosario, in that same order, the next exit is Rengo (Km. 114).
  4. Take the Rengo exit and continue on straight towards the Andes Mountains (East) along Riquelme Street, once you reach Caupolicán Street turn left (North).
  5. Continue on Caupolicán Street towards the North, and make a right turn on Ladrón de Guevara Street (Camino a Popeta).
  6. Keep driving straight ahead on Camino a Popeta towards the Andes mountains (East) for 1.5 kms where you will find, on the right hand side, the main entrance to Torreón de Paredes. Welcome!