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CERTIFIED SUSTAINABLE WINE OF CHILETo all our Importers, Distributors, Suppliers, collaborators, and Community Neighbors, we are proud and happy to inform you that on the 9th of November 2015, Wines of Chile has granted Torreón de Paredes Vineyards & Winery the Seal and Certification of Sustainability. Thus, from the mentioned date Torreón de Paredes has become a CERTIFIED SUSTAINABLE VINEYARD & WINERY.

This Certification entailed a long and painstaking work of almost 2 years that involved all Torreón de Paredes Staff, from simple collaborators to the Company Management. Needless to say, the seal and Certification of Sustainability, is nowadays a world known and respected standard of quality in the Wine Industry.


In this line Torreón de Paredes continuously strives to safeguard and preserve the environment. To achieve this, the winery is committed to Comply with Chile’s Environmental Legislation and Regulations, and to voluntarily adhering to pro-environmental measures with its activities, products and services.


Responsabilidad Social


Social Responsability

Our Sustainability Policy promote environmental awareness in all of its employees, to strengthen the use of environmental practices assuring sustainable development, while respecting and protecting the area plants and wildlife.
Our company financially supports initiatives for cultural development and improving people’s quality of life, sponsoring a variety of activities directly benefiting the community.

Medio Ambiente



Viñedos Torreón de Paredes constantly strives to reduce the impact of its operations on the environment and to strengthen their sustainability. Concrete actions have been taken through resource and waste management programs to make a wide range of processes more environmentally friendly and developing an Environmental Management System - with clear environmental aims and objectives - to assist it in fulfilling its Sustainability Policy goals, especially through “continuous improvement” and the prevention of contamination, at all operational levels.

Responsabilidad Social



Our commitment is based with environmentally friendly actions such: Integrated SIW Management Program, LIW Treatment and Disposal Program, Energy Efficiency Program, Water Resource Protection Program and The Biodiversity Conservation Program.

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