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Commitment with the Environment


Viñedos Torreón de Paredes constantly strives to reduce the impact of its operations on the environment and to strengthen their sustainability. Concrete actions have been taken through resource and waste management programs to make a wide range of processes more environmentally friendly.


Environmentally Friendly Actions

Use of paper labels with a lower impact on the environment.

Use of certified and recyclable wood pallets.

The company has diminished its carbon footprint by preferring production materials associated with lower CO2 emissions; for example:

Recyclable cardboard, used in all of our packaging.

Lightweight ECOVA Saint-Gobain containers - replacing glass bottles - in our Valle de Rengo, Valdemoro, Reserva and Reserva Privada lines.

Integrated SIW Management Program

Focused on SIW reduction, recycling and the reuse of a large part of the waste generated in the winery's production operations. Among the more important efforts are:

Recycling of glass: Through an agreement with CODEFF (Chile's national Committee for the Defense of Flora and Wildlife), the winery recycles all of its waste glass.

Use of plant wastes to enrich the vineyard soil.

Recycling of refuse, such as iron, wood and boxboard, by certified companies.

Recycling of plastic waste through a triple washing procedure.

LIW Treatment and Disposal Program

Production-related effluents are sent to our LIW Plant, located at the winery. The processed and treated water is recycled in irrigation.

Energy Efficiency Program

Based on an electricity and fuel usage diagnostic report, the company launched an energy efficiency program with focused objectives, to assist in optimizing its consumption indices. Short, medium- and long-term measures were defined to fulfill the objectives.
To date, improvements have included:

Switching to low-energy-consumption bulbs.

Application of white paint on the interior walls of production facilities.

Investment in energy-efficient machinery.

Assuring all piping is adequately insulated.

Strengthening the equipment maintenance program.

Water Resource Protection Program

Through this program, concrete actions have been taken to reduce the consumption of, use more efficiently and protect the company’s water resources. Some key examples are:

Recycling the water used to rinse the wine vats.

Reducing the diameter of the water outlets.

Strengthening the irrigation system maintenance.

Acquisition of the CECCATO HLV1066 pressure washer for cleaning.

Acquisition of the Cloude 2004 Model wine vat cleaning equipment.

Biodiversity Conservation Program

This program actively protects the local and area plants and wildlife, and was instrumental in creating the winery’s conservation park.
Viñedos Torreón de Paredes has a 2.5-hectare wooded park on its winery property, safeguarding and preserving the representative biological diversity of a region inhabited by species with different levels of conservation status.




Committed to quality from the very outset, Viñedos Torreón de Paredes, has earned the following certifications:

ISO 14001

APL I y II (the Chilean Wine Sector’s Clean Production Agreements)